Building with Beechwood is a great experience, with Beechwood giving you all the tools to make it easy for you to find what you want. So from the very beginning, our website, we want to make sure you find the right home for you.

That’s why our new website features a simple floor plan and house design browsing feature – just choose your style – single or double storey- your frontage size and price range for a wide range of designs and floor plans. You can even narrow it down by number of bedrooms. Easy While we have virtually hundreds of floor plans and house designs, we want to ensure that regardless of if you are viewing this on your smartphone, tablet or desktop; you get the best possible experience.

To see what I mean use your mouse to narrow the browser window by dragging it in and out. Better yet, grab your iPhone or tablet and see how the functionality adapts to your screen size every time. The content resizes and reorganizes based on your viewing dimensions.

There’s also a range of new information throughout the site to assist you in choosing the right house design and floor plan to suit you. We’d also encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to get interesting and important information directly into your in box.