As a family business, we pride ourselves on excellence in client service and as such your peace of mind and satisfaction throughout the building process is very important to us.


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Beechwood reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time. Errors and omissions excepted. 

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If you have a registered login with Pulse but you have forgotten your Client ID, visit the "Trouble logging in?" link to enter your registered email address. We will then send you an email with the Client ID(s) associated with that email address. 

If you have forgotten your password, visit the "Forgotten your password?" link to enter your Client ID. We will then send you a code via email that is to be entered into Pulse to enable you to reset your password.

If you have tried the above and are still having troubles, please contact us at pulse@beechwoodhomes.com.au.

Design Phase

Deciding to build a home is a big decision. We’re there with you and our aim is to provide peace of mind, whether through our structural guarantee, our transparent fixed pricing, our real time Pulse customer portal or our no b/s approach. For us, the journey of building is just as important as the completed home.

Prices shown on the website are for Sydney Region and include the Base Price and Standard Site Costs for each home. Prices will differ for regional areas and for areas the subject of travel allowances. See Inclusions, Flex-U-Build & Pricing for additional info and current inclusions and standard site costs.

  1. Some builders offer waffle slabs. Beechwood’s slabs are full concrete with reinforcing steel. Whilst waffle pods offer some thermal efficiencies, we think nothing beats the strength of steel and concrete. After all, it’s the foundation of your new home.
  2. Most builders only offer a slab to suit ‘S’ or ‘M’ soil classifications. Beechwood’s concrete slabs are designed to suit ‘H1’ – Highly Reactive soil classifications. This produces a more engineered slab, avoiding a common builder trick where builders start charging extra for ‘H1’ conditions following receipt of a geotechnical report. Beechwood includes ‘H1’ soil conditions as standard. 
  3. Most builders offer a rebate to the edge beam of the slab. Beechwood provides 3 courses of brickwork in lieu of the normally used 2 courses of brickwork. The Beechwood Advantage eliminates the unsightly exposure of 150mm of concrete around the perimeter of your new home.
  4. Frames and trusses provide the structural support to your new home. Most builders only use 70mm timber frames. Beechwood uses wider 90mm timber wall frames and roof trusses for extra strength. Beechwood spaces the timber supports to the external frame at closer 450mm intervals (instead of 600mm).
  5. Beechwood provides roof sarking (which is(more...)

We aim to process a Tender within 2 to 3 weeks however, this is dependent upon the level of customisation you have requested, known site specific requirements and access to the property. Access to a property will enable us to provide a more accurate Tender to meet your requirements.

Yes, Beechwood are happy to customise the home to suit your family needs.

Beechwood is predominantly a Project Home builder, however any variations to our standard floor plans does impact the time it will take us to process your home through the Pre-Construction phase. This is due drawing amendments, assessment of planning requirements, structural implications, estimating additional labour and materials and other issues that may arise.

The size of design and level of customisation of your home will determine how long your home will take to build. A standard single story home (with minimal customisation) will take somewhere between 26 and 28 weeks to construct. A standard two-storey home (with minimal customisation) will take somewhere between 35 to 37 weeks. However the one thing we cannot plan for is the weather! Poor weather conditions will mean that at certain times during construction we may not be able to access the site. Therefore construction times may increase.

Pre-Construction Phase

A Development Application (DA) is a formal request to carry out development within a Local Government. The DA contains documents and forms that show the merits of your project and it must include how it adheres to building requirements (local, state and federal). 

This process typically takes 6-8 weeks depending on the nature of your application, the characteristics of your block, Council area, that Council's workload and specific requirements, objections from neighbours and any other additional information requested by Council. In addition to the DA approval, we will then need to proceed to the Construction Certificate process, which typically takes 2-4 weeks.

A Construction Certificate (CC) is a certificate issued by a Principal Certifying Authority (Private Certifier or your local Council) and is also required as it will allow us to start construction. The certificate confirms that the development specifications and construction plans are consistent with the Development Consent and comply with the Building Code of Australia.

This process typically takes 2-4 weeks depending on the nature of your application, the conditions contained in the Development Consent and any other additional information requested.

Your commencement date will be within 28 working days of receiving for Letter to Commence. 

During that time we will arrange for your Final Plans to be sent out for approval. At the same time we will start issuing orders and pegging out your site.

The person who send you your Final Plans for approval will be your Customer Service Officer (CSO) through the Construction phase.

To get the most efficient response to any questions/concerns you may have, please direct them to your CSO in the first instance. The Pulse website will provide you a list of your build team members.

It varies from bank to bank and dependent upon how busy they are at the time. The average is between 7 to 14 days. Beechwood Customer Service Officer's (CSO's) will typically check in with you after 5 days. 

Upon signing your Contract you have a 5 day cooling off period. 

Cash contracts will be required to pay a further Deposit on Exchange (which is 10% of your contract price less security payment previously paid) within 7 days.  

We will then require a Letter to Commence from your bank. Once this letter, and any other outstanding documents are received (e.g. demolition certificate), Beechwood has 28 working days to commence works on site (which will be the Commencement Date).

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a combined planning and construction approval process. This process is generally faster than a DA/CC application as it can be assessed by a private certifier or your local Council. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks depending on the nature of your application, the characteristics of your block, Council area, objections from neighbours and any other additional information requested.

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a means of measuring the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact. There are 6 BAL classifications. Where your house is greater than 100m from any classified vegetation, the BAL rating will more than likely be BAL–LOW and will not require any special construction requirements. Where there is a risk or potential that ember attack could affect your home (typically because it is closer than 100m from classified vegetation) it will be classified between BAL 12.5 to BAL 40. The lower the number, the less special construction requirements to be met. The most extreme category is BAL FZ (short for flame zone) where a building is directly adjacent to bushland and there are various special construction requirements that could end up adding over $100,000 to your total build cost. Depending on the BAL classification, different (often less combustible but more expensive) construction materials will need to be substituted.

Construction Phase

At Beechwood Homes, we want to get you into as soon as possible and we will use all our best endeavours to do so! 
Your practical completion date, however, is defined in your contract as being the commencement date plus the construction period.

Beechwood follows statistics provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. A rain day is day where rainfall in a particular area is greater than 1mm. 

Unfortunately weather is something we cannot control.

As all your orders are processed not long after signing a Contract, any changes made require administrative time to contact suppliers and trade and issue revised orders. This is an administration charge to change orders, plans and any other documentation applicable to accommodate the variation.

Maintenance Phase

Once settlement has been reached and you receive the keys to your home, your 90-day maintenance period begins.

Once your list has been received a confirmation email will be sent and your list will be processed.  Once it has been processed someone from Maintenance Team will contact you to arrange a time suitable for us to inspect these matters to determine what works are required to be actioned.

After the appointment, the inspection report will be processed and any necessary works will be issued to trades and Maintenance Team members. A Maintenance Co-ordinator will contact you from Beechwood by phone or email to advise which trades will be attending to the works.

Any non-urgent items that you would like reviewed. We encourage you to download the ‘Maintenance Checklist’ from the Pulse Portal, and type in anything you feel needs our attention. 

While most will not require immediate attention, you will be given an emergency contact for urgent matters.

Once it reaches the end of the 90 days, email your list to our Maintenance Team.