When you consider partnering with us to build your home, we get excited because we know the journey you are about to embark on will be one of the most exciting adventures of your life. And we get to be part of it.

Beechwood Homes has been listening to customers and has created a system that ensures you are kept up to date on the various steps of your build while guiding you through this exciting journey. We call it….

The Beechwood Pulse Portal.

The Portal and Pulsey

The Beechwood Pulse Portal came from our simple desire to give homeowners ‘peace-of-mind’ throughout their build by keeping them informed at every step of the process.

So, what is the Beechwood Pulse Portal?

It’s a communication portal where you can find relevant information relating to your build, and what’s going on with your build. At any time, you can login to your portal and see what stage you are at, what has been completed on your build and if you need to get in touch, you’ll know exactly who the right person is to contact.

The Beechwood Homes Customer Communication Portal will:

Beechwood understands that online portals such as this can sometimes be difficult to navigate if you are unfamiliar with them, which is why we have Pulsey to guide you.


A part of the Beechwood family for many years, Pulsey will now become part of yours as he helps guide and navigate you through the entire building process.

His guidance along this exciting journey has one main focus, and that is to bring you something you never thought was possible with a build, and that is peace-of-mind.

The Stages of your Build

It is understandable that our customers may be unsure of the amount of work that goes into the building of a new home. In total, there are around over 400 steps in the building process, which can be a little overwhelming.

The Beechwood Pulse Portal simplifies the process into four stages:

Stage 1 - Design

This is the stage where you will look at all the options for creating your future home. From the facade to the finishing, you will sit down with your Beechwood Building and Design Consultant and outline the layout and presentation of your home. Your consultant will then arrange for the site your home will be built upon to be assessed, and have our Estimators create your Tender document based on the information you’ve given us at this point.

Your consultant will then arrange a site visit, and have our Estimators create your Tender document based on the information you’ve given us at this point.

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Stage 2 - Pre-Construction

This is the most complex part of the whole process and requires that we delve deeper into the details together. During this part of your build we will obtain information from many external consultants and authorities. We will facilitate the thorough inspection of your plans, along with all documentation related the build of your home.

Once we have all of that information, our design team will go ahead with planning and drawing your new home for your review and approval.

During Pre-Construction, there are many external approvals needed so this may take some time. Your dedicated consultant will be monitoring this closely and helping where they can. You will be kept informed at key milestones by your Beechwood Pulse Portal.

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Stage 3 - Construction

Let’s by honest, this is the most exciting stage of your build. This is where all that hard work and preparation pays off, and you start to see your dream home take shape right before your eyes. The Beechwood Pulse Portal will be your main source of information and updates throughout this stage of the building process. Updates will be posted after various steps have been completed.

Beechwood is committed to making sure that you, the owner, are not left in the dark when it comes to the building of your home.

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Stage 4 - Maintenance

Once settlement has been reached and you receive the keys to your new home, your 90-day maintenance period begins.

During this period, we encourage you to note everything in your home that you feel may need our attention using our online maintenance check list.

Once you reach the end of your 90 day period, email your list to our Maintenanceteam, so they can arrange a suitable time for us to inspect these matters to determine the works requiring action.

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What’s next?

Now that you know Beechwood offers you an extensive amount of support via our Beechwood Pulse Portal, and your dedicated Beechwood team, what’s next?

Now it’s time to come and pay us visit so we can help you create your dream home. We currently have eight display home locations across NSW, with more on the way, for you to visit and experience the quality of a Beechwood build.

However, if you have already seen our homes and have an idea of what you want, then call us on (02) 9765 0299 to book an appointment today, and meet with one of our consultants.

Get in touch today!