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Lakeview Lodge Twenty Eight

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Squares: 28sq
Overall Width: 26m
Overall Length: 12.24m
Minimum Frontage: 28m
Living: 214.83m2
Patio Area: 11.66m2
Garage Area: 32.15m2
Total Area: 258.64m2
Lakeview  VogueRiviera  TR Lakeview  VogueRiviera  TR Lakeview  Classic  TR Lakeview  Classic  TR Lakeview  MonteCarlo  TR Lakeview  MonteCarlo  TR Lakeview  Seville  CB  CMYK Lakeview  Seville  CB  CMYK LakeviewLodge  Seville Riviera  TR LakeviewLodge  Seville Riviera  TR Lakeview  Victoriana  TR Lakeview  Victoriana  TR
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